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Object of the Game
Like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey", this game has you pinning a nose on a Jack O Lantern.

What You Need
A pumpkin (real, artificial or made from cardboard). A pumpkin nose made from black construction paper, pushpins or tape, and a blindfold.

What To Do
You can use a real pumpkin, an artificial pumpkin or large drawing or picture of a pumpkin on corkboard. Pre cut and have ready a black construction paper nose. The pumpkin should have eyes and a mouth already cut out or glued on with an open spot for the nose. Blindfold each player as they take a turn to play. Spin each player around three times and let him or her go. They must try to pin the nose on the pumpkin in the correct spot. The other kids can yell "Hot" or "Cold" if they are missing the pumpkin completely. Use a pushpin to attach the nose, it's easier on little thumbs and not as dangerous as regular thumbtacks for attaching a nose. For smaller children, use tape. The player that comes closest to the right spot is the winner.