Copyright and Other Legal Type Stuff

Here Is the Legal Stuff That We Have to Put on the Website

SpookMaster, SpookMaster.com, and all drawings, computer graphics, and other material contained within this document are Copyright TruckBucks LLC. All rights reserved. This document and its contained drawings, computer graphics, and other material are intended for the sole use of the entity or person who purchased or otherwise acquired these materials from the SpookMaster.com website. Any reproduction, distribution, sale, transfer, or use other than that expressly given is strictly prohibited.

If you try to copy an example pumpkin from the website you get the message These sample patterns look just like the real thing but they are NOT CARVEABLE. The sample patterns have been designed to look exactly like the carved patterns but with a few minor (unnoticeable) changes that make them impossible to carve. We don't do this to be mean, we do it to protect our business.

We appreciate all our visitors and hope that you enjoy our website.